Pioneers in contamination control.


Des-Case CZ is a division of INTRIBO s.r.o.

An imperative link in the reliability chain, Des-Case helps you effectively control contamination before it controls you.

Why do the world’s leading companies, distributors, and OEMs look to Des-Case? Because we understand the importance of fluid cleanliness and the role it plays in increased production, cost savings, and reliability. We’ve spent more than 25 years pioneering solutions specific to customer needs, helping improve lubricant quality, and maximising equipment dependability.

Our comprehensive water and particulate contamination control products are used by hundreds of the world’s top companies for a wide range of applications including gearboxes, hydraulic and lube oil reservoirs, and storage/process tanks.

From the time oil enters your facility to the end of its life, protecting it with Des-Case solutions will extend the life of your machinery and decrease your downtime, leading to huge cost savings. Our innovative contamination control technology consists of rugged, high quality materials that are cost effective for nearly every application.