CE Certified Fluid Handling Products

Because actively filtering lubricants can dramatically improve industrial equipment perfor-mance – preventing production downtime and high machinery repair costs – a Des-Case offline filtration system is an important step in achieving top-quality lubrication standards. Protecting and cleaning your industrial lubricants with our CE certified filtration systems can lead to increased machinery reliability and production uptime.

Filter Cart

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Portable filtration units, such as the filter cart, are ideal tools to remediate contaminated systems, flush new equipment during commissioning, or periodically decontaminate systems that have inadequate on-board filtration to meet target cleanliness levels. With industrial-duty pneumatic tires, a sturdy frame, and quality components, our filter carts are ideal for easy maneuverability around plant floors.

Panel Unit

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Whether you have an application that needs regular filtration, or a maintenance location where you bring equipment to be filtered, Des-Case’s panel units are dedicated filtration systems that can be mounted where you need them most. They are the best choice for improving equipment reliability because they are continuous-duty, “always-on” filtration systems that clean oil and then keep the oil clean.