Who We Are

We are INTRIBO s.r.o. from Czech Republic and we are oficial distributor of the Des-Case Corporation (TN, USA).

Des-Case specialises in contamination control products for industrial lubricants. Headquartered near Nashville, TN, we market an entire line of products designed to help companies make their equipment investments last longer. Our trademarked and patented solutions are marketed through an extensive distribution network, private label and OEM partners. Our design features are unparalleled in the marketplace and are used wherever lubricant life and performance are essential to daily operations.

Des-Case has worked with some of the world’s largest companies, both directly and through our partners. Founded on innovation to solve lubrication problems, we continue to design enhancements to our current line as well as provide customers with unique products for their particular company or industry.

Product Offerings


Des-Case offers a number of desiccant breather lines to meet the needs of varying applications, size constraints, transport, storage and operating environments. Our breathers are air filter and water vapour removal systems designed to replace traditional breather caps on fluid containing reservoirs, storage tanks and gearboxes. The breathers block out moisture and other contaminants in these systems, thereby improving performance.

Our standard line includes a resilient, nylon/polycarbonate body, multiple filter elements, and a unique standpipe that protects against many of the failures found in other designs. We also provide rugged steel breathers for harsh environments, leveraging the core technology included in our standard line. Additional enhancements are found in our Hydroguard™ products, ideal for low flow applications as well as in “washdown” and high humidity environments.

Fluid Handling

When looking for products that will help keep equipment up and running – which in turn reduces downtime, increases lubricant life, and lowers repair costs – count on Des-Case. We provide world-class fluid handling products that filter contaminates from lubricants and allow for clean transfers of fluids.

Des-Case is committed to providing customers the quality solutions they have come to expect from our company. Take a proactive approach to contamination control with our new CE certified fluid handling products and help to ensure your equipment performs as it was designed to.